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International Consumer Society

Goals and objectives of our team  


Who are we?  - We have a team of people that created, structured and fine-tune the process of the International Consumers' Society. To date, work of ICS has become not only interesting and popular, but also with a clear, transparent and legal arrangements between members of society.

We have created a society where welfare is growing in individuals, and each of its members. At the same time, financial independence of our shareholders, flexible management of their assets, provide an opportunity to get more income compared to other members of society. Development of international cooperation has allowed the system to expand business horizons for the very active members by creating high-paying other parties, by world standards, jobs, especially for unclaimed our engineering professions. Big rapidly developing system of training own, highly qualified personnel in the best universities in America and Europe's. In the Company's executive staff are constantly increasing qualification requirements for employees. For several years, for recruitment, preference is given to those in possession of one or more foreign languages.  

МICS “"Consumers' Society" ” - is the first step in the implementation of our team goals.

One of the main tasks are:

1. Creation of a fund “"Our green planet"”", which will deal with the restoration of life of the planet. This project financing companies engaged in activities aimed at the preparation and use of alternative (clean) energy, recycling and recovery of flora and fauna affected by human activity unconscious.

2. Create your own financial system, allowing unimpeded realize our pure intention in environmentally friendly projects of this millennium.

3. Create a network of centers involved in the restoration of the physical and spiritual state of the people in the world. Centres, through which we can give the people of those three pillars upon which the world: physical health, spirituality с spirituality and purity of intentions with the right to freedom of choice.

This form of property as a consumer society allows you to create at the legislative level the so-called “"state within a state."”. And internationally - is to unite people of different races, of different ages and political and religious views that can solve global issues in the society. And every member of society can become an investor in the programs of micro enterprises and our society, aimed at improving the world, thus making a contribution to the change in the universe, and thus improve their financial condition. Everything is connected and is in equilibrium.

This will create a so-called jobs for people, solving one of the major problems of the world population, employment and financial well-being. Directing his energy for a good cause, to creation we influence the course of events of the universe, and thus change their lives.

 Our life depends on us and our choices.
Making the right choice, you can change the life of the planet.

The choice is yours, you are with us or not!