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International Consumer Society



True freedom and independence.

Specific legal framework has allowed the Company to implement an alternative approach to the management, this made it possible to carry out truly free market. The legislator has limited impact on the economic sphere of society the individual capitals, including through the state apparatus. Now need to expand the market, the ability to obtain raw materials from the best manufacturers, including the limited quotas, no problem.

Simple and legal decision to reduce the tax burden, the task feasible only within the framework of the current system of consumer cooperatives.

The exceptional approach in the Society for the protection of economic interests, allows any company to keep its manufacturing base and other property from the raids, arrests and seizures.

If your interests coincide with the interests of the Company, and you need the extra finance for business development, and implementation of social innovation programs, the Company is always ready to assist with the minimum payment weights.

Our extensive international network of consumer - is the way to expand your business.

Each member company has a privileged right to purchase raw materials, goods and services on the most favorable terms. This is an opportunity - the result of direct relations with major international holdings and corporations.

Only through our company your employees can receive tax-free social benefits and guaranteed pensions the European level.