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International Consumer Society

International Consumers’ Society "Eastern European Union"

The main objective is to meet the needs of the members of our society. The needs of society are very diverse in nature, virtually the entire spectrum except prohibited by law.

The main objectives of the ICS "Eastern European Union" are:
  • 1.Meeting the economic, social and other needs of the members of the consumer society through the implementation of economic and other activities not prohibited by law, not-for-profit.
  • 2. Meeting the needs of its members for goods and services, promote their work and social activity, welfare and cultural level.
  • 3.Improving the living standards of its members, protect their material interests and social rights.
  • 4. Create a system of economic and social self-help of the population and economic entities.
  • 5.Involvement in the production of goods, works and services, additional manpower, improving working and social activity of the population.
  • 6. Promotion of cooperative ideas based on the principles of international cooperation.
  • 7. Purchase, production and sale of food and industrial goods.
  • 8. Promote the shareholders of the consumer society in the use of banking, stock exchange, insurance, and clearing mechanisms for asset management, debt repayment and raising funds.
  • 9. Borrowing from shareholders and other citizens.
  • 10. Loans and advances to shareholders.
  • 11. Providing housing on favorable terms for the members of society.
  • 12. Provide cars under the automotive program.
  • 13. Training programs.
  • 14. Publishing, printing and implementation of publications.
  • 15. Marketing, brokerage and dealership.
  • 16. Participation in international financial programs reinvestment of promising projects.
It should be noted that the professional activity in the field of microfinance makes the highest demands on the level of our competence:
  • - The need to work effectively with the target of budgetary funds, borrowing and savings of legal individuals;
  • - To manage risks;
  • - To ensure financial and organizational sustainability of our organizations.
Among the most pressing problems of the microfinance business start-ups need to select a high enough level of financial literacy of borrowers. Of course, for consumer society:
  • - It is one of the main financial risks that would like to minimize. Therefore, each borrower and the investor, especially a beginner should know that success for the most part does not depend on the physical impact on the material reality and the level of financial literacy, thinking, decision-making algorithms and emotional state. Full-time live chat with people allows subsequently to implement the principle of individual approach to each borrower or depositor. At this stage it is already possible to determine - which category a potential customer:
  • - Aspiring entrepreneur;
  • - The borrower, which is active in entrepreneurial activity;
  • - The depositor or investor,
  • -Potential entrepreneurs, who had already once sad experience of doing business and decided today in the new government policy to revive its activities. The first time a client in society is determined by its needs and objectives, explaining the principles of the rights and responsibilities of shareholders, the conditions for granting loans, and the terms and conditions of the investment deposit.